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What do I do?

I help leaders and entrepreneurs transform their business models, understand their target audience’s needs better and exploit the efficiencies of online marketing – to gain market share and new customers.

I also help individuals to find their calling and vocation with the tools of strengths coaching. I will help unearth your true potential by way of identifying your real talents and where those could be best used.  Bring (almost) any plan or idea and I will help formulate it into a feasible business plan.

So, how can I help you?

+44 (0)20 3286 9908 —– +36 30 251 1576 —– Skype: frank.benedek

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ICF Prism Award Hungary

Who are my clients?

  • Coaches, trainers and consultants: I help you find your own target audiences through a special toolkit that includes business development, value proposition design, business model thinking and online marketing.  All this is tailored to your individual needs, NO ‘one-size fits all’ approach!  You can choose between a live workshop or our online version that you can do alone and consult with us afterwards.
  • Employees and freelancer entrepreneurs: I help you reach your own goals via business coaching and consulting. Topics include choosing the right career or job role, communication (workplace conflicts, assertive communication), going from employee to freelancer and all related issues.  Discover your true abilities, skills and strengths to break out of routine work, and do something truly satisfying in YOUR life.  Check out my Strengths based career coaching section to find out more!
  • Small and medium sized businesses (SMEs): if you have ambitions to grow, I offer business model, strategy, marketing and communication training courses and workshops, or 1:1 consulting.  I can help you gain market share in your own market and utilise all the tools of online marketing.  New products, services, processes, customer segments, value propositions, channels, partner options, revenue models and cost structure options will be discussed in thought-provoking and insightful individual sessions or group workshops.  Check out the Business Innovation and Business Growth pages to find out more!

How do we work together?

  • I work with my clients through the classic 1:1 coaching toolkit to enable them to discover and resolve all obstacles standing in the way of success and reaching their goals.
  • I am also not shy to bring in my 15+ years of work experience and my own continuous education (coaching, training, an Oxford MBA, onine marketing, business strategy), my knowledge of the international markets and my unique marketing ‘lens’.  I take all this and guide my clients’ ‘hands’ to get from ‘A’ to ‘B’.  Because a lot of people simply don’t quite know where they are now (‘A’) or where they could go to (‘B’).
  • To sum it all up, I not only ask relevant questions, but also help you develop yourself and your business based on your answers.