Soft-skills training courses for organisations and teams


1. Business model strategy and innovation workshop

Who should attend the Business Model Training: Anyone looking for hands on tools to apply to their business model. You could be a Senior Executive, Strategist, Innovation Manager, Entrepreneur, Consultant, or Business Coach looking to finetune or completely rewire your business model.  2-day-long, interactive workshop, where participants get to know live examples of how some of the best companies in the world work – and apply similar principles to their own business.

2. Assertive communication and conflict management training

Participants of the program will be able to identify their own conflict management styles. We start from here and start analysing the advantages and flipsides of various techniques. The main aim of the program is to allow participants to pick and choose – through careful analysis – from the available styles and aim for a consensus based (win-win) solution.

3. Stress management training 


3. Creative problem solving and decision making training

Think of your own business problems differently with the help of this training! We offer a set of highly practical problem solving methods and tools to try out in real life that will help you get out of your current comfort zone and solve challenging problems with a new mindset!