Stress management training for teams within organisations

This stress management training is more like a workshop, where participants are able to view the topic of handling stress from new perspectives. Sources of stress are going to be different for each and every one of us; there are, however tools that may be used universally to decrease our own stress level.


Topics covered during stress management training include:

  • Possible sources of stress – based on the inputs of participants and discussed throughout the day to make it personally meaningful
  • Decreasing our stress levels with various tools
  • How can we think of stress positively?
  • Making the subconscious conscious: connecting the left- and right-hemisphere of our brain and resolving problems that so far seemed unresolvable (NLP toolkit)
  • Discussing frequently experienced stress topics in a group coaching setting: communication based stress, time management and personal effectiveness based stress, work-life (im)balance related stress, stress related to personal boundaries not being set and communicated (saying ‘no’, comfort zone, pleasing others…)
  • How can we relax, breath differently?

Throughout this training participants may bring in their own real-life stress sources and examples, and work on these in small-group exercises. This allows participants to finish the training with not only a new toolkit to decrease their own stress levels, but also specific personal issues resolved, to be viewed from a new perspective.

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