Feedback – consulting

Benedek worked with me in the elaboration of a Business Plan to introduce TropicOiL’s products in Europe. Ben’s experience and knowledge of the European market, his ability to see the big picture and his marketing and strategy skills were decisive in the shaping of a (Winner) Business plan that was chosen by the University of Oxford to represent it at the Moot Corp Business plan competition in Austin (Texas). I am very happy to recommend Ben as I consider him to be a very pro-active, passionate/committed and result’s oriented team player. I hope I will work with him again in the future. – Jose Andres Diaz, Director at IC Fundacion


I have known Ben through my MBA class, and his knowledge of marketing, attention to detail, marketing communication skills and his unique ability to look at things differently, would make him a asset to anyone thinking of taking him on in the advertising space. I wholeheartedly recommend him as a good fit for and advertising agency. – William De Laszlo,Managing Partner at Agathos


Benedek, as I know him, belongs to a rare kind of advertising professionals: he knows how to handle creative personnel, when to take things easy, and when to act harsh. also, he never had problems trasmitting the clients expectations and visions to us.
clients, as i recall, have always liked him, i guess that has something to do with his thorough way to handle things, and his ability to handle difficult and stressful situations with a cool head. – Balázs Pőcze, Founder and Creative Director, MITO Agency


Ben is leading a team of exceptional SAID business school MBA students who are writing the new Blastbeat business plan. I am extremely impressed with everything to date. Ben first went about gathering together a dynamic and varied team of passionate articulate professionals. Then he went out and found the best project for them in Blastbeat as it combines their passion for Business, Music and Social Entrepreneurship. Thus his MBA team are personally very committed to the project. Ben is very professional in his approach,carefully managing both his team and the Blastbeat team to deliver the best results. The best recommendation I can give is to say that I really hope Ben can come and work for Blastbeat after this project. – Robert Stephenson, Founder of Blastbeat