Career coaching sessions

Come and join self-awareness and action-oriented career coaching sessions

  • If you are thinking about switching jobs or stepping up somewhere…to do something different…
  • If you have been recently promoted and have certain question marks regarding how to do your job well…
  • If you would like to rejoin the job-market and need some self-confidence…

…join me individually or through a workshop (in case of sufficient number of participants).

I am running career coaching focused sessions, where a new type of approach is being used: action-oriented coaching, whereby you get to feel and see the various elements of your life in a visual way, giving you an ‘aha’ experience many times over. We focus on your challenges, emotions, resources and your positive future-visions of what success would look like to you. Hence a quicker way to reach your wished-for results.


Career coaching sessions: is this for you?

  • You are working, but feel a bit demotivated and asking yourself ‘what’s next?’. You want to feel more motivated and find the area(s) of interest where you could build better on your strengths (instead of only your routine);
  • You have been employed for some time and want to move into an entrepreneurial mindset/position (freelancer or business founder). You want to understand how to sell yourself and see your skills which your target market would pay for. Developing a business, designing your value proposition and the like would be your task.
  • You’re a mom and want to go back to a day job. You want a great sounding-board and helping people to figure out what it is you could do and for whom?
  • You are looking for a job and need some coaching on how to attain it, where to go next, etc.

Technical details:


  • Individual coaching sessions are 90 minutes and cost €50 or 16,000 HUF/person/session (+VAT).
  • Group sessions are 3 hours long/session and also cost €50 or 16,000 HUF/person/session (+VAT).

Who is the coach/facilitator (click on link to read bio): Benedek Frank

Interested to talk about this over the phone? +36 30 251 1576

Specific topics that could be discovered:

  • Who am I really? What do I pay attention to? Am I doing the things that play to my strengths?
  • Belief-system: what do you believe about yourself, in terms of your abilities and capabilities? What is the ‘internal CD’ in your mind playing (related to job and career ambitions) Motivation, values:
    • What are your limiting beliefs and how can you change them to progress quicker to a state of mind you prefer? Are you allowed to be successful?
  • ‘Where do they need me and my skills?’
    • What is meant by target audience and who are they in you case (those looking to benefit specifically from your strengths, resources and knowledge)? Is it only your routine propelling you forward, or are you engaging your real strengths on a daily basis?
  • Self-branding: what do you tell others about yourself? What could you tell instead?
    • Strengths, resources
    • Visibility, as a criterion: how visible are you? What do you dare to tell people about yourself? Where/what is you talent that earns you money?
    • PrezTech: what is the ‘message’ going out to people you talk to?
  • Networking and communication with others – who does what well and what could you learn from them?
    • Getting yourself surrounded/acquainted with people who could propel you forward; who do you need around you to help you? How can you go about these topics?
    • Communication with others: what and how do you communicate?
    • Sociometrics and team dynamics in your current life-situation: how could it be improved a notch?

If all this sounds interesting, please contact me over the phone or via this contact form to discuss your interest.