Business Model You coaching: from dreams to a real business model – self-awareness coaching sessions for entrepreneurs and career changers

Do you need help defining what it is that others value in you? Could you make a business out of this?

Would you be open to a personal discovery journey?

Are you struggling to market yourself to be employed?

The essence of Strengths coaching and Business Model You coaching is to help redefine your own world and see yourself as a business. That’s right: a business.  We help you construct a successful personal business model and won’t stop there, as we also want to help sell yourself on the market!  LinkedIn profile building are also included in this package.

What is Business Model You coaching?

  • An understanding of your core skills, abilities, personality traits and how all these come together and support you to reach a job that is based on your abilities, skills and personality traits.  (What a strange feeling this will be… :)
  • We will formulate your own personal Unique Selling Point which is the key to selling yourself with your given skills, abilities and interests.  Most people have very little idea as to what they could give to the world, that others demand. In other words what their own successful business model (and marketing model) looks like. Are you one of those people?
  • You will walk out of the business model you coaching session armed with a specific plan to achieve your dream job or your new business.

What topics are covered in the personal discovery, Business Model You coaching?

  • Self-(re)discovery: through a series of fun, yet thought provoking exercises, we will make your dreams/intentions conscious again
  • Creativity: in finding out what you are suitable for
  • Communication: how to put together all your stuff and tell the world
  • The secrets to a successful PERSONAL business model…leading to the successful implementation of your idea/dream/business-plan