Online marketing strategy for small businesses

Would you like to understand your customers’ needs much better, so you have more customers to serve? Would you be interested in finding out what jobs they want to get done (by hiring you)? What keeps them awake at night and what gains they are looking to get? Imagine having all this info in your mind and being able to serve your customers as they desire it!

There are more and more people trying to make a living by working in the knowledge economy: as coaches, consultants, trainers or freelancers they all want to get new clients.  If you aren’t working in a full-time job anymore, then you have to fend for yourself and your family, and this is where it gets challenging for a lot of people.  ‘Who needs me?’ is the simple question in your mind now, right? ‘What would the market need now and who needs that specifically?’ is another important question.  Most of the time, you simply cannot answer these questions yourself as you don’t see yourself objectively, nor do you see your most important skills and strengths clearly.

So, instead I am offering you a unique toolkit that will help you think about your customers’ needs instead of yourself.  Specific solutions you could offer to your customers will come about quite quickly using this toolkit.  But that’s not all: I can also help developing your marketing materials and write copy for you that you couldn’t write so far.  If you would like such a website, I can help you rewrite your current one or develop a new one.  Many of my clients who followed my advice had said this has doubled or tripled their traffic.  This, of course is no small feat, considering how many people are trying to offer seemingly similar services and products on the market. They just lack the right style of communication.

Those entrepreneurs and freelancers who trusted me to develop their sales materials and websites, can boast of two things: 1) a customers magnet marketing toolkit; and 2) higher revenues – and that’s the bottom line in the case of a website that is meant to serve your marketing efforts in an automated way.


Just provide your email and phone number and we’ll get going – and have a review of your current website!  If I like what you do and your mission is in line with my own values – e.g. I get as enthusiastic about your idea and service as if it was mine – I will help you and get the job done.  We’ll discuss details and how it could be improved.


Elements of the Online Marketing Package:

1. Business coaching – 1 or 2 occasions, 90 minutes each

We will clarify your goals, business plan, target audience(s) and what you would like to communicate. We will also cover whether you need to tweak your positioning slightly to succeed.

  • Who is my target audience?
  • How can I exploit all the tools of online marketing to grow my business?
  • What is my added value that makes me different vs. my competitors?
  • How is my business sustainable in the long run?
  • What should I know about my market and how should I think of my customers?

2. Web copywriting – 1 initial and 2 fine-tuning rounds

After having gone through the above coaching sessions, you will get a neatly written up copy that takes into account your goals and the market you are operating on, incl. keywords to use (SEO). You will also see how each of your sub-pages could look like in terms of wording.

3. WordPress website development, online marketing strategy and SEO

I will develop a WordPress based website for you and – in case you have higher than average graphical design needs – bring in a graphical artist as well. Your website will be done specifically with your customers in mind. It will be about them, and secondarily about how you help them. The most common mistake of websites and businesses is they talk about themselves, instead of focusing on the jobs, pains and gains of their customers. Web ergonomics are also of utmost importance and identifying keywords and content marketing strategies is also included, based on latest online marketing thinking.

Who is the online marketing strategy package for?

  • For those, who seek practical know-how, tips and tricks for their marketing activities to bear fruit.
    • How to think about your customers with the help of the customer avatar?
    • How to map your competitors online?
    • How to write copy so your clients/customers will identify with it?
    • What is value proposition design and how can it be relevant for your target audience?
  • If, as a leader, you have trouble overseeing the vast online marketing world and this makes it difficult to lead your business efficiently.
  • If you would like to gain competitive advantage by understanding your customers better
  • If you would like to exploit the world of content marketing instead of the traditional and ever more expensive media channels.

Online Marketing Strategy package pricing:

  • Business coaching: €100
  • Web copywriting in native English: €150 (1 main page and 5-6 sub-pages)
  • Website development: €250-400 (to be agreed on, based on client needs)
  • If you choose all three parts, get a 10% discount on the total!