Successful organisations and leaders recognise that employees’ satisfaction can only be maintained (and grown) if sufficient time, energy and financial resources are deployed for their learning and development. This is what all healthy Learning and Development functions within organisations are meant to achieve. Salary is going to be roughly the same for similar job roles within similar sectors (and employees know this very well), hence attrition rates, loss of motivation and lack of enthusiasm are mainly to do with employees not seeing their own development plans materialise in due course. When competencies one needs to be better at isn’t crystal clear, not explicitly stated and regularly discussed – and SUPPORTED – by a line manager, employees start looking for new opportunities, costing loads of money for the company in the form of finding new, suitable candidates. In order for a company to go from average to great, it is the leaders’ responsibility to develop individuals’ and teams’ competencies through training and coaching. I provide training and Team coaching in the below mentioned topics.

Training topics (the below topics are recommended for workplace teams and and can be tailor made, based on the brief)

  • conflict handling
  • assertive communication
  • time management
  • personal effectiveness
  • personal branding (how let others know about my own strengths)
  • coaching style communication
  • self-awareness training for leaders
  • creative problem solving and decision making
  • stress management, resiliency
  • Value Proposition Design Workshop: understanding your customers
  • Business Model Generation Workshop: redesigning your business for more efficiency and profit

The uniqueness of my training courses lies in getting participants to bring in their own stories and difficulties, with which we can work in a safe and confidential environment. Theory is hence given in a sublime way, and made highly interactive and personal for participants.

Team Coaching:

I work with a special, action-oriented, drama-therapy based Team coaching toolkit, where I aim to enable a team to: renew its strengths, make new plans for themselves; envision a common future that is brought to life by the team members; enable them to articulate a common goal that all team members are willing to support actively; be actively engaged to develop their plans; develop a new kind of relationship and culture within the team; and develop a new modus operandi.

‘Action-oriented method provides a unique background to working on various team topics and is founded upon drama-therapy. The team coach helps bring to life various situations and turns them into active scenes, opening up new perspectives and leaving behind ‘the usual’ thinking and ways of working. The biggest advantage of such type of work comes from the fact that the topic owner not only finds new answers, but at the same time can also see these ‘answers’ come to life. S/he will not only have thought on how to do a new plan, but also experience it live and see what works. The coach helps build trust and team members contract each other to facilitate an accepting, safe space where any topic can be brought forward. Relationships are mutual, partnership like. There is no critiquing, judging or expectations. – Gabi Szabó, founder of the Watson Coaching School

Soft-skills training courses for organisations and teams


1. Business model strategy and innovation workshop

Who should attend the Business Model Training: Anyone looking for hands on tools to apply to their business model. You could be a Senior Executive, Strategist, Innovation Manager, Entrepreneur, Consultant, or Business Coach looking to finetune or completely rewire your business model.  2-day-long, interactive workshop, where participants get to know live examples of how some of the best companies in the world work – and apply similar principles to their own business.

2. Assertive communication and conflict management training

Participants of the program will be able to identify their own conflict management styles. We start from here and start analysing the advantages and flipsides of various techniques. The main aim of the program is to allow participants to pick and choose – through careful analysis – from the available styles and aim for a consensus based (win-win) solution.

3. Stress management training 


3. Creative problem solving and decision making training

Think of your own business problems differently with the help of this training! We offer a set of highly practical problem solving methods and tools to try out in real life that will help you get out of your current comfort zone and solve challenging problems with a new mindset!