WordPress Website Development + SEO

I provide a unique website development package for my clients.  Most often, the brief is to make an older, not really target-group focussed website become modern, WordPress based (this allows my clients to take over editing once the website is initially done) and SEO friendly.

  • I start my job with understanding what my client would like to achieve with the new website (higher traffic, reaching of a specific target group, blogging, information, etc.)
  • I don’t come from the typical IT web-developer’s perspective, but from an end-user targeted marketing perspective.
  • Once the goals are set, I start my research with a content-marketer’s mind, and go about discovering what the target audience of the website is interested in » this leads to proper SEO and topic selection
  • The new website’s structure, copy and SEO is based on the above infos.

My website development packages include copywriting, marketing-coaching, design and usage of various visual elements, widgets and add-ons integrated, SEO and optionally (as an add-on) management of online marketing campaigns, such as Google AdWords.

Benedek Frank successfully completed the Yoast SEO for WP Training course!

The above strategy’s soundness is proved by the fact that I am able to push my clients’ websites onto Google’s first page (Top 10 organic hits) within a few months’ time.  The design elements used are never self-serving, but always in light of the target group’s needs.  Call me for a free initial discussion to find out more!  My service is unique in the sense that few people today cover a business, an IT and a marketing perspective in such a high-quality manner.  I connect how your business works, what your target group needs with the most current and up-to-date content marketing strategies and technology available.  By the way: you won’t need an IT person to modify every tiny update you want to make afterwards, as I’ll show you how to do it yourself.  24% of the world’s websites are now WordPress based.

Call me on +36 30 251 1576 or email me: frankbenedek@gmail.com to get a quote!


Complete revamping of old website with a new template, structure, SEO and copywriting.  Website developed in three languages (English, German, Hungarian).  SEO of complete website and added various functionality to make it user friendly.  Main goal: increase direct bookings instead of relying on booking websites.

Complete revamping of old website with a new template, structure, SEO and copywriting.  Managing of online campaigns with a +30% traffic increase in both social media channels, as well as number of participants registering for courses.

Transfer of a WIX-based website into WordPress and addition of copy and SEO principles.  Website reached first page of Google organic hits in 2 months’ time.

Copywriting, website structure and design for a physiotherapy practice in Budapest

Complete revamping of the old website with a new structure, new copy and SEO in English and in Hungarian.  +20% traffic and participant registration coming through the website in 12 months post launch period.

Complete revamping of website with a new template, added copy and translation into English.

Development of a new website from scratch: structure, content and design elements in WordPress


Development of copy and structure for website.