Business Model canvas workshop and Value Proposition Design workshop

When is it worth running a Business model canvas workshop?

  • you have an existing product or service portfolio that does not generate sufficient revenues anymore and you need to tweak your strategy
  • you wish to introduce your current product or service portfolio to a new target audience, and need to think about creating and designing a relevant value proposition for them.
  • you wish to introduce a new product or service and need to understand the target audience for whom you are creating value. You may also need to think about your pricing strategy and seek ways to maximise your revenues, along with optimizing your business model.
  • you have been existing and serving a market for a long period, however consumer / customer needs have changed, and your team wants to visualise the type of communication channels, potential (new) partners, costs, revenues, core activities involved to be up and running again.


Business strategy consulting and growth starts with a “why” question.

When working on an assignment, I ask why you exist as a company. What’s your strategic intent? Why do you still exist and why should anyone demand your services and products? By defining and exploring your strategic intent, your business capabilities as well as your financial and operational performance, it is possible to conduct a stress test of your current business model with questions like:

  1. Where do you create superior value? If not, why?
  2. What are your customer’s pains and gains and what is the real need they are trying to satisfy?
  3. Is it possible to either eliminate or reduce market pressures and demands?
  4. Is it possible to introduce or raise new market demands?
  5. What channels do you use and how do you use them?
  6. What are your valuable assets, such as key resources, key activities and key partners?
  7. Is it possible to imitate your valuable assets? What is unique?
  8. What is your pricing model? How do you maximise customer lifetime value?


With a business model canvas workshop your team and business will be able to:

  • think about its current portfolio of products and services – with a chance to reposition these, as necessary
  • step into the shoes of your target audience (customers, consumers) and be rightly positioned to understand their needs. This leads your team to creating more relevant offers.
  • use a pragmatic, common ‘language’ that is relevant and easy to use for thinking about and redeveloping business model(s) and strategy
  • see how we can use design-thinking, creating new target audiences for the business and working with lean start-up methods for producing various new business models. This ensure future company growth.
  • test new business models and value proposition designs


Technical details:

The workshop takes place based on a specific company brief and entails working on the given organisation’s business strategy.

Trainer: Benedek Frank, business model trainer, consultant and business coach

Price of workshop: €1,000 / day (ex. VAT)

Time: 1+1/2 day