WordPress website development with business coaching, content marketing research and SEO

I provide a unique website development package for my clients.  Most often, the brief is to make an older, not really target-group focussed website become modern, WordPress based (this allows my clients to take over editing once the website is initially done) and SEO friendly.

  • I help explain how online marketing works today, as indeed, it has become somewhat of a giant topic recently. No jargons, promise! It will make sense in about 60 minutes time, how, what and why you should do things.
  • I start my job with understanding what my client would like to achieve with the new website (higher traffic, reaching of a specific target group, blogging, information, etc.)
  • I don’t come from the typical IT web-developer’s perspective, but from an end-user targeted marketing perspective.
  • Once the goals are set, I start my research with a content-marketer’s mind, and go about discovering what the target audience of the website is interested in » this leads to proper SEO and topic selection
  • The new website’s structure, copy and SEO is based on the above infos.




What’s in the WordPress website development and SEO package?

  • Coaching: who are you,what is your story about, who could your target audience be, what is your value proposition for them?
  • Website build wireframe: recommending structure, logic
  • Copywriting (optional): some people write it for themselves, others request my help. Both versions work.
  • Content marketing practices explained and researched for your topic, tailor-made
  • WordPress website hosting: I don’t provide hosting myself, but I can guide you to find the right hosting company. Hosting is kind of like your files sitting on your laptop, except it’s your website sitting somewhere in the Cloud.
  • WordPress website building: we go over what functionalities are important for you, and I build your website based on that
  • WordPress website design: you decide what sort of images and colours you envisage your website and based on those, I can work with ready-made design panels and branding (complete design and branding services are not part of this package)
  • SEO: Search Engine Optimization gets your website found on Google – without having to pay for ads. One of the most important things when developing a website.
  • What else is included in website development:
    • responsive website (looks good and seamless on phone, tablet and laptop screens);
    • social media integration (Facebook, LinkedIn, sharing, etc.)
    • HTTPS security filter  + protection against spam and attacks
    • GDPR compatibility (protection of data and how you handle other people’s data)
    • Google Analytics integration
    • Google Indexing (so Google’s little robots scroll your website in due time)
    • If you want to send newsletters, integration of MailChimp

Benedek Frank successfully completed the Yoast SEO for WP Training course!

Online Marketing Strategy package pricing:

  • Business coaching: €100 / session (ex. VAT)
  • Web copywriting (native English): €70 / page (ex. VAT)
  • Website development: from €700 (ex. VAT and based on client needs)

Why work with me?

  • My service is unique, as few people cover a business, an IT and a marketing perspective for their clients in a quality manner.  I connect how your business works, what your target group needs with the most current and up-to-date content marketing strategies and technology available.  
  • With me, you won’t need an IT person to modify every tiny update you want to make afterwards, as I’ll show you how to do it yourself.
  • Ca. 35% of the world’s websites are now WordPress based. I am able to push my clients’ websites onto Google’s first page (Top 10 organic hits) within a few months’ time.  The design elements used are never self-serving, but always in light of the target group’s needs.
I would recommend working with Benedek to build your business and website, whole-heartedly. I was looking for a fully responsive eCommerce site, with database, Mailchimp subscription, coding of endless podcast and video content, provide a newsletter and email marketing facility and develop a coherent online booking and payment system. I needed an upgrade and re-design of my online presence; integrating my social media & to add new marketing tools. The list went on, as I needed SEO, based on content marketing research and possibly copywriting. I was also going to need some training how to maintain and update my website in future. I got all these things and more.

Benedek was a joy to work with on my website. Coming from a space of not knowing the first thing about web design, content etc. He took total control, then step by step he walked me through every stage & broke it down so it wasn’t totally overwhelming.  A joy yo work with, I have my website complete, with zero stress. Check out www.maryhayden.com

Because of the Trading On Line Voucher, all the other possible suppliers seemed to have doubled their prices and put strict parameters around what input you could have on the site design. Benedek Frank quoted the same price as he would have quoted before the Covid Recovery grants came out. I don’t know if it is because Benedek is also a qualified coach but I would also recommend him as a business mentor. Somewhere I read that he had ‘soft skills’. I would expand on that and say he has the patience of a saint and equal ability to work miracles. He has produced two professional websites for me, in business consultancy and in natural health, both beautiful and successful. Thank you.

Elements of the Online Marketing Package:

1. Business coaching – 1 or 2 occasions, 90 minutes each

We will clarify your goals, business plan, target audience(s) and what you would like to communicate. We will also cover whether you need to tweak your positioning slightly to succeed.

  • Who is my target audience?
  • How can I exploit all the tools of online marketing to grow my business?
  • What is my added value that makes me different vs. my competitors?
  • How is my business sustainable in the long run?
  • What should I know about my market and how should I think of my customers?

2. Web copywriting – 1 initial and 2 fine-tuning rounds

After having gone through the above coaching sessions, you will get a neatly written up copy that takes into account your goals and the market you are operating on, incl. keywords to use (SEO). You will also see how each of your sub-pages could look like in terms of wording.


3. WordPress website development, online marketing strategy and SEO

I will develop a WordPress based website for you and – in case you have higher than average graphical design needs – bring in a graphical artist as well. Your website will be done specifically with your customers in mind. It will be about them, and secondarily about how you help them. The most common mistake of websites and businesses is they talk about themselves, instead of focusing on the jobs, pains and gains of their customers. Web ergonomics are also of utmost importance and identifying keywords and content marketing strategies is also included, based on latest online marketing thinking.


wordpress website development
wordpress website development
wordpress website development

Complete revamping of old website with a new template, structure, SEO and copywriting.  Website developed in three languages (English, German, Hungarian).  SEO of complete website and added various functionality to make it user friendly.  Main goal: increase direct bookings instead of relying on booking websites.

Complete revamping of old website with a new template, structure, SEO and copywriting.  Managing of online campaigns with a +30% traffic increase in both social media channels, as well as number of participants registering for courses.


Development of copy, structure and design for website.

Complete revamping of website with a new template, added copy and translation into English.


Development of copy, structure and design for website.


Development of copy, structure and design for website.

Development of a new website from scratch: structure, content and design elements in WordPress

Copywriting, website structure and design for a physiotherapy practice in Budapest