Life purpose coaching

asszertív kommunikáció tréning

Life purpose coaching sessions can be really powerful. I believe in the power of coaching. People spend time with me. We talk. And miracles occur. I like to find out what motivates people. Many clients of mine have come to me with a challenge, that turned out to be something deeper. Something bigger. And when I am able to peel away these outer layers of ‘stuffing’ from a client’s problem, I am able to reach deeper and find something meaningful to work on. In essence, I help my clients see their world differently, and this way their world changes. When you see your world differently, you are able to show up for coaching differently and able to achieve things which you thought impossible just a short while ago. And that’s the miracle part.

I do not want to become your kind friend and sugarcoat topics. I am honest and will lead you powerfully. I will challenge how you see your world. I will not offer you sympathy, as this is not what you need.


Some of the things I will be able to help you with during our life purpose coaching sessions:

  • Create a thriving business
  • (Re)design your lifestyle
  • Find the goal behind your goal
  • Allow you to slow down to think – this will get you more business
  • Go from performing routine jobs to establishing your dream job

I work with clients, who have the following attributes:

  • You want to go from good to great. Coaching is there to help you reach your higher calling and unlived life. I will help expand your world by providing you fearless coaching.
  • Think about opportunities. You see possibilities instead of limiting yourself to your current lifestyle and what you think you can afford now.
  • You’re inspiring. You bring such a topic or problem to coaching that it makes me, as your coach excited to work with you and help you get to your next level.
  • You want to go deep. You want to find your secret dream and the goal behind that goal.
  • You want to achieve success in your life. And you look to me to help you truly believe in yourself being able to achieve it.

What is your Ikigai?

Ikigai (pronounced ee-key-guy) is a wonderful Japanese concept that essentially means “a reason for being.” It’s made from two Japanese words: iki, meaning “life” and kai, meaning “effect, result, worth or benefit.” Combined: “a reason for living.” I truly believe we all need a reason for living, and in a kind of modern Western(ised) thinking, these include the combination of feeling satisfied with you are good at, what you love, what the world needs and what you can be paid for (Passion, Mission, Vocation and Profession).  We tend to believe that material objects will cause us happiness. And when we lay our hands on something we longed for, suddenly it doesn’t satisfy our happiness. And we are back to square one. If you can relate to this concept, I invite you on a different kind of journey:

  • Find a purpose you strongly believe in – what would you like to see different in the world?
  • Stop thinking and start doing – the only way you can find your true passion is through trying.
  • Speak to people with similar passions – learn from others…or make an impact on others.
  • Accept that setbacks are normal – recognize setbacks as normal and learn from them, dust yourself off and keep moving forward.

Life purpose coaching helps in so many unexpected ways.


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Case in point…

One of my clients had a natural tendency to always work harder than others, as she wanted others to value her more, than what she perceived from others. This led to burn-out and a sense of injustice: always having to achieve more than others achieved. Once she realized her own self-fulfilling prophecy (perfectionism), she also realized how she could reevaluate her self-worth and could successfully channel her energies into becoming a highly valued asset at her company. She is now in a new leadership role, earning more and being valued more.

A client was rather introverted and felt uncomfortable expressing his own needs and accepting whatever was ‘told’ to him to avoid conflict. This was likely to have stemmed from previous negative experiences he has had. We worked together on observing various situations at work, where he could express his needs and stand-up to his own agenda, instead of always accepting whatever others would want from him. His ways of working (with others) went through a very visible positive trajectory, where he discovered that expressing his needs and ideas leads to a much more content mindset, and instead of being a passive observer of processes and projects, he could skilfully influence others to reach a mutually satisfactory solution in all projects. His change of mindset and assertiveness led him to a very positive outcome every time, and is now feeling much more self-confident overall.



“I have found very useful and enjoyable working with Benedek. His open style and practical approach helped me open up and speak freely about my own feelings and experience in a situational context. These conversations made me understand my ‘focus areas’ in a deep and meaningful way, and helped me realise the importance of addressing them to avoid unnecessary stress and raise the ‘feel-good’ factor in work/private life. We have worked on topics such as perfectionism, assertive communications and open and inclusive approach with others. I particularly liked that we used LSI and Berne’s Transaction Analysis (TA) models quite frequently during the sessions. I have found especially Berne’s TA very interesting read into understanding certain attitudes and what needs to be done to change them.” – Peter

“I expressed my need for coaching, as I felt depressed and unsuccessful in my position. I had a feeling that I didn’t add value to the processes, just to do the requests. I had many conflicts with other departments, which were generated because of miscommunication. My main goal was to improve my communication skill and proactivity to make my cooperation smoother with other departments. After each session, I tried to apply new approaches, change my behaviour, step by step. After a while I felt slight changes in the communication of my counterparties which motivated me to keep up changing my behaviour. Nowadays, I feel more confident communicating and expressing my ideas in front of a wider audience. Besides communication, I set up project management as an additional goal – managing projects by advising solutions, influencing and motivating others to reach the projects’ goals. Thanks to Benedek and to the applied changes in my behaviour, I have more self-confidence expressing my views, ideas, motivating and working with co-workers to deliver projects and deliver presentations in front of a wider audience. Looking at mid-term, I hope that I will have opportunity to work together with Benedek and to develop further myself.” – George

“With his questions and observations, Benedek has allowed me to recognise some of my unconscious beliefs that were holding me back. He has helped me realize how to overcome those beliefs and move forward. ” – Fiona

Why me for your life purpose coaching sessions:

I tend to hear people’s stories differently. Different to how they see themselves. And different to how your colleagues or family sees you.

My main focus is You. Your ambitions, motivation, plans, dreams, visions. Once we have these fleshed out, I will help you put together a very concise plan to achieve whatever you want to achieve. That’s a promise.

I have heard the various stories and helped over 2000 people in the past 7 years as a coach, team coach and trainer. thinking with them to go from a position of suffering to a position of joy, relief, clarity, self-confidence and having found a new kind of purpose in life. A majority of these people attended one of my training courses and found that behind a bland-sounding topic – e.g. stress management, conflict resolution, leadership skills or personal effectiveness – there is their own personal story in how they relate and react to a certain problem. Identifying these, I can help change with a rich coaching toolkit.

I have helped a social enterprise business win £250,000 of funding from the UK government, by way of writing a business plan for the company’s owner to tell his story. I helped put together a marketing strategy for a bank that turned around the fortunes of the bank and gave it +5% market share on the mortgage market – from 1/4th of the budget spent by competitors. I coached the board of directors of a map making company and allowed its owners to turn around the business by following a new B2B strategy. I helped a start-up advertising agency’s owners become a major success by understanding their way of thinking and helping them consistently win new client pitches. Among a really strong MBA cohort of 240 students (University of Oxford), I was part of the team that won the Entrepreneurship Project competition.