LinkedIn profile coaching, CV writing services

LinkedIn profile coaching is for you, if you…:

  • would like to get a new job or become an entrepreneur and have a business idea;
  • have an existing CV, but no one told you what will make it stand out from the rest (e.g. what is your Unique Selling Proposition) and convince employers that you’re The One for that dream job
  • would like a fresh pair of eyes to look at your professional self and paraphrase your words and thoughts into a meaningful new package that you can use to apply for a new job (or restart your career).  …and show you the way to reach that new job!
  • are bored of headhunters that treat you like a product and want to resell you the way you have been ‘sold’ for the last X years.  You want to rethink your possibilities.
  • are motivated by money, but long for personal growth: something that satisfies you intellectually in the long run.
  • have heard of LinkedIn already, but your profile isn’t ‘All Star’ and can’t really utilise it; it would be good to get some pointers.
  • want to apply to international jobs and want your profile to stand out.


This is a unique package that offers the following elements:

  1. Coaching: we will have a look at what you are really good at and your affinity to certain things (instead of relying solely on your experiences).
  2. CV rewriting/enhancing: I will help craft (or rewrite) your CV
  3. LinkedIn tips and tricks you may not have thought of.

This is pretty cool stuff you’re getting here! Why? Because you will be called for jobs that need your talent, your skills and strengths – your ambition.  You will be able to tell your friends all the good things that happened with you lately! Or start a journey of entrepreneurship, if you will.

To get noticed, you need a digital CV that speaks for you when hiring managers are looking for talent. If your LinkedIn profile is up-to-date and stands out, you will be called upon for interviews. That’s how it goes.

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What does my LinkedIn Coaching Pack include?

  1. A 60 to 90 minutes long coaching session where I help you reposition yourself, based on answers to various questions you may not have thought about recently. I will put the puzzle pieces together in a new way for your.
  2. Together we will work on rewriting your CV to get the role you like through your LinkedIn profile. SEO profile text optimization included!
  3. Strategic insights into LinkedIn: a second 60 minutes long coaching session will cover how to use LinkedIn to your benefit
  4. Result: you’ll find a more suitable and satisfying job role quicker and more efficiently!

LinkedIn is used by hundreds of millions of professionals worldwide to climb the career ladder and network.  Headhunters, HR specialists, entrepreneurs and people longing to work in an international context all watch carefully who it is they could link up with and forge new connections. Don’t be left out of the conversations when it comes to finding your next dream job!

Check out my own LinkedIn profile above!