Conflict management, assertive communication training

Main objectives of the training

Participants of the 1-day long conflict management training will get acquainted with Eric Berne’s Transaction Analysis model (Parent-ego, Adult-ego and Child-ego), which helps us understand why we react the way we do in conflict situations – and how we can keep ourselves and the other party in the Adult-ego mode to maintain a healthy and constructive discussion, when we have differing viewpoints. Participants will also learn about the I-language and active listening skills, and how to use these during a heated discussion to reach a win-win situation. Using these skills allows anyone to improve their relationship with others and manage their anger to build healthy and happy relationships with others.

Why is conflict management especially important at work? Well, we are ’all in this together’ as they say, and we constantly and continuously need to work with each other, help each other, express our needs in an acceptable way and hear other people’s needs as well, without sounding aggressive, when we don’t agree. The models taught and heavily practiced during this training all help participants to manage stakeholders better, improve collaboration and communication within the team, between line managers and direct reports and in many other areas.

I place a real emphasis on doing each and every training in a very practical way with many opportunities to bring in real life cases by the participants, keeping them of course confidential or anonymous). All of the techniques are universally usable and are presented in an entertaining context, while focusing on and in tune with participants.

Topics of conflict management training include:

  • Self-worth, self-confidence and how to remain assertive
  • Transaction-analysis and its usability in managing conflicts
  • Verbal and non-verbal communication
  • Use of I-message and active-listening
  • Saying ’no’
  • Working with real-life workplace and personal conflicts


As a result of participating in the conflict management training, participants will be able to:

  • Discover the real needs and identify hidden needs (potential psychological games) of the other person
  • Identify and express their own real needs and get these accepted in a non-threatening way with the other person
  • Say ’no’ in a way which does not look self-serving, but constructive
  • Remain calm and still express their emotions in a credible and smooth way, while also taking into consideration the other person’s emotions.
conflict management training

“The trainer’s English was excellent and he was a really good presenter!”

“I really enjoyed the training a lot. I have learnt new techniques thanks to the trainer and the participation of the group was really good. Thank you very much!”

“Great job! :)”

“I really liked the videos, they were thought-provoking. Also, when we started I think the cards were great and the trainer’s questions were interesting, and made me think/view my issues differently.”

“The interactivity and personal examples were great!”

conflict management training