Assertive Communication Skills & Conflict Resolution Coaching

Your current situation

Would you like to be more self-confident at work, as well as in your private life? Are you stressed about feeling that others have not understood your intentions, needs and feelings regarding a certain topic? Will you get all tense and anxious whenever you present in front of an audience? Do you feel challenged and frustrated inside whenever there is a possibility for a conflict, as you tend to look at these as battlegrounds instead of an opportunity to discuss differing needs?

Many people have communication skills related issues – you don’t have to be one of them in the long-run! Those who only lament on these topics internally, will likely be unable to change their habits – as we usually aren’t even fully aware of how we express things will make all the difference. What is our responsibility, what could we do differently, say differently to have a different ending for our ’usual’ conversations? This is where I, as a coach can help You with communication skills coaching.

Your assertive communication skills (or the lack of them) can greatly influence

  • the quality of your private life,
  • the quality of your relationships at work and as a partner or spouse,
  • your chances for promotion at work,
  • how you come across to others,
  • the frequency, amplitude and outcome of your conflicts,
  • your self-confidence &  self-worth,
  • the amount of perceived stress sources in your life,
  • your feeling of being content;
  • It also has an impact on how easily you can build new relationships or attract someone new and significant in your life;
  • or how others see you when you present something about an important topic.

The topics on the right are all effected by communicating non-efficiently. If you can see yourself somewhere in that list, gift yourself the chance to change it with a 5 session coaching program where we sort things out and reprogram your mind to communicate more efficiently with all the important people in your life.  If you can let go of communication related stress factors, you will likely have a much more balanced, content and focused life, that will enable you to reach your goals sooner and more effectively.

Communication skills coaching could affect many areas in your life:


  • How and to whom do I tell about myself (and my achievements) that could result in positive feedback?
  • Being reserved and withdrawn: if I don’t say anything, I won’t get hurt. But doing this, no one will know my thoughts on a topic. How can I change?
  • Why does a certain colleague get a promotion, and I don’t?


  • I envy X so much, while I don’t see how I could become more self-confident. What am I missing, I don’t get it…?
  • I know so many things, but if I start talking, everyone will feel I am the Smartpersonintheroom. But if I don’t say anything, it appears I don’t even exist for others. Where is the fine line here?
  • I felt confident a while ago, but this feeling just evaporated lately. I don’t dare to open my mouth in certain situations.

Happiness, satisfaction, being content:

  • How could I make others become aware of my strengths? …and make them ask for my help in those topics?
  • Who asked (and whom did I tell lately) what makes me contempt/ satisfied and engaged at work in a professional manner? When do I feel contempt?


  • Stress caused by interacting with others
  • What must I write and say differently in a work environment to reach my goals quicker?
  • Why is it so difficult to be on the same page with my boss, colleagues, direct reports?
  • Why do I tend to take home work related stress?
  • I have a panic reaction from certain topics. What could be behind all this?


  • I deal with people all day, but I didn’t sign up to listen to problems and solve them 24/7. What can I do?
  • How can I become a more self-confident partner to others: what must I change in my communication style?
  • How can I convert problem solving into a source of joy, instead of feeling stressed out about such situations?

Anxiety (and decreasing it)

  • How can I express myself in a way that reflects my needs (assertive communication)?
  • How could I get others to open up to me?
  • How can I stop people from aggressively getting what they want without listening to me  (line managers, teammates, colleagues, etc. – or my partner in life)?

Benedek is a gem. I feel lucky to have found him.

Benedek is an amazing coach. Very attentive and affirming. I'm so happy to have been matched with him and I look forward to our next session.

Benedek was really helpful in reassuring my experiences and helping me gain confidence to move forward. I appreciate him attentively listening to what I had to say, and helping me navigate next steps.

Benedek gave me some actionable feedback on how I could improve my leadership and people management skills. I look forward to putting these recommendations to work and updating Benedek on the results during future sessions. This was an extremely helpful first session.

Thanks Benedek, very constructive and thoughtful feedback leading me toward solutions!

Benedek gave me a lot of good mini action steps to take and i thank him for that, i feel more empowered about my situation overall

Benedek has given me HUGE value from today's session. I have come away with some powerful advice that I hope to implement in the next few weeks. I will look to present this back to Benedek in 2/3 weeks time.

As always, a fantastic session and can't wait for the next!

Benedek is awesome! Great listener, great feedback!

Benedek is not only a very thoughtful, intelligent coach, but a perfect cultural match for me, which enabled him to understand aspects of my situation more clearly than some others might have.

Came into the session thinking it might be a short one with a few takeaways. Leaving the session with HUGE positivity, confidence and excitement to start the long list of action points that I have. Thank you Benedek!

Benedek offered helpful insight to my performance review journey I will be undergoing within my organization in the coming months He helped me self analyze my communication style and preferences

Benedek was brilliant at focusing me on a few key areas that absolutely had a big impact on my thinking - I came away with several strategies in which to improve my upcoming review and ultimately my way forward over this next 12 month