Business coaching, life coaching and career coaching possibilities

Choose an individual coaching session topic that you would like to explore further with coaching: 

Life purpose coaching

  • Create a thriving business
  • (Re)design your lifestyle
  • Find the goal behind your goal
  • Allow you to slow down to think – this will get you more business
  • Go from performing routine jobs to establishing your dream job


Career coaching

  • If you are thinking about switching jobs or stepping up somewhere…to do something different…
  • If you have been recently promoted and have certain question marks regarding how to do your job well…
  • If you would like to rejoin the job-market and need some self-confidence…

Communication coaching

  • Would you like to be more self-confident at work, as well as in your private life?
  • Are you stressed about feeling that others have not understood your intentions, needs and feelings regarding a certain topic?
  • Will you get all tense and anxious whenever you need to present in front of an audience (whether that be a presentation or your own agenda)?
  • Do you feel challenged whenever there is a possibility for a conflict, as you tend to look at these as battlegrounds instead of an opportunity to discuss differing needs?
  • Come by to talk about how you communicate and what you could change to be more successful in getting what you want.

From dream to reality – coaching for entrepreneurs

Business Model You coaching with the promise to transform your dream into a reality and walk out with a clear business plan!

LinkedIn profile building

Make sure that your skills, experience, talent and strengths are all taken into account, and combine those with the requirements of your dream job!  A professional LInkedIn profile in a matter of days, by way of coaching and copywriting. Get that new job and build your professional career quick and smart!



Starting my own coaching business – MasterMind sessions

  • You are working as a coach, trainer or consultant and want to start your own business in these fields
  • You have your own coaching, training or consulting business, but want to add some ‘spice’ and ‘ooomph’ to it and looking for others to help you out in figuring out the next step in doing so
  • You have a great ‘half-baked’ idea, and want to add some structure and reality to it
  • You want to develop your self-awareness and understand your skills and strengths (and how you could put these into service for your own business)

Benedek is a gem. I feel lucky to have found him.

Benedek is an amazing coach. Very attentive and affirming. I'm so happy to have been matched with him and I look forward to our next session.

Benedek was really helpful in reassuring my experiences and helping me gain confidence to move forward. I appreciate him attentively listening to what I had to say, and helping me navigate next steps.

Benedek gave me some actionable feedback on how I could improve my leadership and people management skills. I look forward to putting these recommendations to work and updating Benedek on the results during future sessions. This was an extremely helpful first session.

Thanks Benedek, very constructive and thoughtful feedback leading me toward solutions!

Benedek gave me a lot of good mini action steps to take and i thank him for that, i feel more empowered about my situation overall

Benedek has given me HUGE value from today's session. I have come away with some powerful advice that I hope to implement in the next few weeks. I will look to present this back to Benedek in 2/3 weeks time.

As always, a fantastic session and can't wait for the next!

Benedek is awesome! Great listener, great feedback!

Benedek is not only a very thoughtful, intelligent coach, but a perfect cultural match for me, which enabled him to understand aspects of my situation more clearly than some others might have.

Came into the session thinking it might be a short one with a few takeaways. Leaving the session with HUGE positivity, confidence and excitement to start the long list of action points that I have. Thank you Benedek!

Benedek offered helpful insight to my performance review journey I will be undergoing within my organization in the coming months He helped me self analyze my communication style and preferences

Benedek was brilliant at focusing me on a few key areas that absolutely had a big impact on my thinking - I came away with several strategies in which to improve my upcoming review and ultimately my way forward over this next 12 month