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From idea generation to target audience identification; from deeper self-awareness as a business owner to website design

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1: Coaching

  • Value-added coaching means that we begin discussing topics and issues that deepen your self-awareness as a business owner; and allow you to move ahead with new ideas and ways-of-working, resulting in sustainable business growth.
  • With a background in strategy, marketing and value proposition design, I help you as a business owner to better clarify your intentions, needs and potential growth areas – both personally, as well as a business.
  • Allow thinking space for yourself to understand your motivations, authenticity and credibility as a service provider to your customers (what matters to you);
  • We can also go on to uncover your brand personality, your purpose (i.e. why you do what you do), develop your tone of voice that is true to you and resonates with your audience. This personality will steer your visual style.
  • Beliefs: what stops from you moving on and fulfilling something you wanted; what you keep telling yourself that may be hindering your ability to grow. How could you exchange the non-serving self-affirmations to positive new ones?

2: Consulting on business growth

  • With regards to your business, (re)establish the foundations, clarify how the market may have changed, learn to pinpoint how you fit in to all this, how have your potential customers evolved, how this is different and what value it provides? Where are YOU within all this?
  • Identify issues with your current value proposition and communication, and retune branding and communication
  • Understand the true value of your business and how to simply and effectively communicate it with branding and service design;
  • Close the gap between your service and your clients/ audience’s desires;
  • Brainstorming on how you could add even more value to your customers;
  • Understand your audience’s perceptions and needs;
  • Upskill yourself (and your team) in business-growth topics and ways of working.

    3: Designing

    • Designing your products and services is one element; another is designing a user-friendly and attractive website that will speak for your business and attract the right clients or customers.
    • Through bespoke design we will ensure that your business stands out against competitors, grows your reputation, builds trust with your audiences, and boosts your and your employee’s pride in the services that you deliver.
    • We design a full brand suite, in accordance to best practise and taking all that we have learned through the strategy phase into account to assure that your visual expression aligns with the purpose of your business as well as attract your target audience.
    • We create your new logo, colour palette, brand fonts, image styling, core messaging as well as provide visuals that will allow you to see how your brand will come to life through your stationary, printed communications, i.e brochures, leaflets, tradeshow stands, as well as digital communications, such as your website, powerpoint presentation, email signature, social media profile images, social media post templates and anything else you may need.
    • A website that strategically (and on autopilot) guides your audience towards hitting the “buy now” button, giving you back your freedom & the lifestyle you crave.
    • Ensuring clarity and consistency throughout all communications.

    4: Brainstorming sessions & workshops

    In order to connect with the right types of clients, you must be sure you have clarity around the types of clients that you want to engage with, and be sure that you are communicating the benefits of your service/product to them.

    This value of your service/product always goes far beyond what your ‘offering’ is: your clients connect with the features, benefits and experience of your product/service, and their interaction with your brand.

    Wiht our targeted, coaching-style brainstorming sessions (a workshop with you and/or your team), we can get to know who your clients are through profiling your current customer base, and understanding why it is they work with you. Usually this will get to the heart of the story! Why they want to work with you and engage with your product and service. We aim get to know how your product and service changes the lives of your customers and has a real impact.

    When we know what it is about your service that keeps your clients engaged we can separate this from all the other distractions and understand how to communicate directly with them.

    We get to understand the challenges, pain points, and expectations of your target customer, and in doing so understand how we can deliver your product/ service in a way that communicates those benefits.

    Business growth coaching: the approach

    The backbone to our business growth coaching services is a highly versatile approach that has changed thousands of businesses for the better: Business Model Generation.

    We like to start out with this tool and analyse the current position of your business (strengths and weaknesses) and its future path (opportunities and threats) by way of the 9 building blocks:

    1. your customers,
    2. the value proposition offered for your customers,
    3. the channels you use to reach your customers,
    4. the customer service you provide,
    5. your partners.
    6. your key activities,
    7. your key resources,
    8. your cost structure and
    9. revenue streams;

    The benefits of using the Business Model Innovation and Value Proposition Design tools:

    Using the Business Model Innovation framework will give you something unique: an understanding of your business from a new perspective – sustainability and growth.  Most current and aspiring business owners are concerned about their ability to grow their business as an entrepreneur.  An initially great idea seems to fade out and revenues stall, while costs still remain fixed. Where have all the customers gone?

    The problem

    In most cases, the jobs customers wish to achieve – by using your products or services – is vaguely defined within the business; so are their problems, pain points and gains they wish to receive.  On top of this, you are likely offering services or products that are not providing sufficient painkillers for customer problems, nor gain creators for making their lives easier, more fun or less costly.  In other words, there is no fit between your customer segment(s) and your value proposition.

    The solution

    Using this framework, we will help you to (re)establish the fit between your customers and your value proposition, understand your current stance on the market (strenghts and weaknesses) as well as your future outlook (opportunities and threats) in light of your business model.  Worry not, we have plenty of flipchart paper and post-its to capture everything and then distill those into actionable insights. Come along, let’s begin this journey together!

    Who we are: Benedek & Cat

    Hi, I’m Benedek, a coach, consultant and marketing strategist. 

    I’m a no-nonsense people-helper, coach and consultant who thrives on getting people’s dreams crafted into reality.

    I am all about understanding a need, a vision or idea and helping my clients go from zero-to-hero (or continue on your journey).

    If you are looking for someone to coach you – either your personal side or your business, I am here to support you. My goal is to help you and your business reach its next milestone. As a coach, I understand how people are ‘wired’; as a consultant, how businesses can be made successful.

    I work with many different clients from all over the world. If you are a small- or medium-sized business entrepreneuer and seek a hands-on, tailored & uniquely complex professional service, let’s talk! 

    Looking forward to connecting,


    Hi, I’m Cat, the designer behind Cida Design Co. 

    I’m a down-to-earth designer, I’ve got the degrees and expertise, but leave out the jargon.

    I’m all about working with people who are making a positive impact, no matter the scale. If you’re striving to bring about change, big or small, I’m here to support you.

    My goal is to help you effectively communicate your message and showcase your unique gifts and offerings to those who can benefit from them the most. If that sounds like you, I’d love to connect and see is we are a good match.

    Looking forward to connecting,


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