Benedek’s skillset consists of the following:

  • Business coach, soft-skills and leadership trainer, organisational development expert: I have coached many individuals and have been the trainer of various groups, who wanted to gain new knowledge. Among my areas of interest are assertive communication, conflict resolution techniques, stress management, strategic thinking skills, business model training and creative problem solving techniques. Why is this beneficial for my clients? People are often stuck in situations because they lack the knowledge and skills to progress and get on with other people, and to new projects. These topics all help to achieve getting ‘unstuck’. My way of working (within a coaching team setting) has been honoured by the International Coach Federation, which awarded us the Prism Award for 2019, as a team, for our past two years’ efforts in making an organisation more successful through coaching. The Prism Award celebrates organizational coaching programs that fulfill rigorous professional standards, address key strategic goals, shape organizational culture, and yield discernible and measurable positive impacts.
  • Advertising agency experience, where I learned to think with the minds of the customers instead of the company’s internal marketing department. Why is this beneficial for my clients? I can help you think of and find benefits instead of features for your products and services, allowing your organization to define its authentic Unique Selling Proposition.
  • Trained Business Model Innovation trainer and consultant (trained by Alex Osterwalder from Strategyzer), able to facilitate business model workshops with client organisations. Why is this beneficial for my clients? I can quickly map out the ‘as is’ business model of your organization and create a ‘to be’ business model canvas, along with a value proposition canvas for targeting customers more effectively. The whole process is highly creative, visual and strategic thinking at the same time, and will make you see the flaws and possibilities of your business very quickly – to tweak it and make it sustainable in the long run.
  • Online marketing strategy specialist: I understand the importance of content marketing, keyword research and the importance of having a digital hub (your website) that customers can and will find easily to buy your products and services. Why is this beneficial for my clients? I help my clients understand their own target markets and the interest of their customers much more deeply, and recommend a sound digital marketing strategy that will lure in more customers, quicker. I will also coach my customers to use the system and content marketing on their own.
  • Business Model You Coach and Strengths Coach: based on the Business Model Innovation canvas and framework, and on Gallup’s strengths coaching principles, I work with entrepreneurs, business leaders and individuals to help them reach job roles that they are most suited to do, based on their skills, abilities and personalities – instead of their experience only. Why is this beneficial for my clients? They find new meaning in their lives and organisations perform much better with engaged people who are placed in roles based on their strengths, instead of their prior experience.
  • Holistic business growth consultant: I call the above a ‘holistic business growth package’, as it helps organisations and individuals grow into something new, into something worthwhile.


Benedek FRANK, MBA

Business coach, trainer, marketing specialist

Phone: +36 30 251 1576,   +44 20 3286 9908