“How you talk about your job and yourself is very inspiring, because you’re always to the point and clearly articulate what you think is important.” – Moni

“You always add very useful examples to your topics, which you describe elaborately.  I learn a lot from you and thankful that there is a person like you in my circles.” – Dora

“I would like to learn to be as objective as you are, and see things the way you see them.  Thank you for showing me the solution through coaching to one of my problems.” – Judy

“I like to listen to your reasoning and thoughts on a particular subject, because you always shed new light on issues.” – Julie

“I was stuck in a static position for a long time and knew I should already have something on the ‘table’, but didn’t dare to decide on things which were only starting to be articulated inside me.  I didn’t know how to proceed and progress, and whether I was heading in the right direction at all. During the Business Model You training Benedek held, I learned a lot about myself in a new way, and could understand the way to the ‘dream job’ finally.  Also, when we put down the basics to paper, my coach (Benedek) showed me several practical things to do to progress – such as my new LinkedIn profile, how to do my CV in an attractive way, etc., which all brought me closer to my goal.  I met a very direct, empathetic, yet highly rational person.  I thoroughly enjoyed working with Benedek.” – Dori