What is strengths coaching?

There are many types of coaches to help you out. Most of them will offer to help you resolve a problem or issue you are facing, perhaps get you to reach a goal you have set out to achieve (e.g. lose weight, get a new job, find love, etc.).

My strengths coaching sessions help professionals (freelancers, entrepreneurs and senior level managers) build on their strengths and succeed. ‘How?’ you may ask rightfully.

The strengths coaching approach starts by clarifying people’s goals. It then provides positive models and practical tools that individuals, teams and organisations can use:

  • To build on their strengths
  • To set specific goals
  • To achieve their picture of success

Am I a good fit for strengths coaching?

Coaching is still a luxury to many around the world. There are, however more and more people realizing the fact that they are unsatisfied in their careers and professions, but have no clue as to where or how they should start looking for ‘something else’?

Have you noticed this phenomenon: You apply for a new job based on your experience as you (or the head-hunter) think that what you have been doing so far is your strength. And presto, you are on the same, unsatisfying track to boredom, demotivation, unchallenge-land. Why? Because what you have been doing so far has become routine from experience, instead of satisfaction from exploiting your strengths.

So, when was the last time you took a deep breath, and had a good look at what you are good at? Around graduation time? Years ago? Never? Well then, welcome to strengths coaching.

Your strengths coaching sessions will be based on a series of really pragmatic, yet thought provoking strengths coaching techniques and exercises that you and I will go through to arrive at… a new You.

Strengths coaching techniques will cover the following areas

  • Clarify your picture of success;
  • Understand and focus on your strengths;
  • Identify your specific goals and your perfect role;
  • Become a peak performer and focus on the ‘what, why, how, who and when’;
  • Set out and find strategies to achieve your picture of success (and create an action plan from it);
  • Get work by going out and helping other people to succeed;
  • Identify what your best contribution to an employer could be;
  • Identify what sort of practical and personal support you will need to become a peak performer;
  • Boost your ‘self-confidence pot’ and surround yourself with positive people;
  • Find solutions to challenges by enabling you to creatively solve problems.
  • Strengths coaching techniques offers a wide variety of exercises that enable you think of yourself with a heightened sense of self awareness.


Free LinkedIn CV review!

When you book 5 coaching sessions, you also get a free review of your CV!

Are you thinking of getting strengths coaching for your team within your organisation to be more successful?