Rule #1: Understand your personal capabilities

Skills, abilities, interestsIf you understand yourself better, you will make better decisions.  Knowing how you add value makes all the difference in personal as well as business life.  BMY coaching allows you to understand yourself as a business: who your customers are on a personal level (bosses, subordinates, colleagues, external customers, etc.), what added value you bring them with your activities and through which channels; who your key partners are, what key resources you possess and what costs are involved, along with revenues (benefits, salary, etc.) you can expect.

Rule #2: Think about your business through the lens of your customers

customer languageIt takes great effort to master the art of talking the language of customers and focus on benefits instead of features of a product or service; to convey any given message in a persuasive manner for the audience;  To get into a client business’ mind and the need-state of their customers.

By working with me, I will lend you this skill-set, that proved invaluable over time: translating what a business does into the language of its real customers. Seeing your business with the lens of your customers instead of your finance department will benefit everyone (including your finance department), but is difficult from the inside and can only be done with fresh eyes.  You start taking for granted your marketing and sales brochure lingo and forget to think about what the customer really perceives as your added value. If I asked you right now, could you tell me what your customers see as your added value?

Rule #3: understand the weaknesses of your current business model…to come up with a better one

Business-Model-CanvasMy time spent completing an MBA degree at the University of Oxford’s Said Business School taught me things which I can share with you.  In the past 15 years, I helped fix business models of over 100 clients going from cars to cosmetics, book publishing to banks,  energy companies to e-collaboration platforms or map makers.