Benedek FRANK

ICF accredited, PCC level coach, team coach, corporate trainer; online marketing consultant;

I find great satisfaction in helping others. As a coach and soft-skills trainer, I help my clients see and access their ’next better version’ of themselves; as an organisational development expert, I help companies see bottlenecks in processes, while also finetuning the value proposition design for respective target audiences.

My job as a coach is to make you think about yourself and your situation – changing your thinking habits and patterns, if you will. You may be a high-flying executive, a fresh graduate, a team lead, a mom, a budding entrepreneur – or the combination of the above.

I invite you to take off your mask and look at yourself candidly. I give you the tools and pose the questions, you provide the knowledge required for change, from within. Take a look around here and if you find something resembling your situation, call or write to me.

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Coaching hours

People helped

Entrepreneurs helped

Life & Business coaching

I’m experiencing that I can help more and more people with self-awareness based coaching, creating context and coherency. We take a look at ’where you are now’ and ’how can you reach your goal’ and explore all the possibilities in-between. Everyone starts their journey from a different starting point; there are common topics coming up over and over again: what do you show to the world, vs. how you are really; how your communication style impacts others; how you’re pigeonholed in your workplace; how you cope with stress to be resilient, yet sets you up for success; or clarifying your personal and professional goals – among many other things. As a coach and team coach, I provide a safe and trusting environment.

Org.Development, team coaching

Successful organisations and leaders recognise that in order to have satisfied employees, people need to be given tasks and job roles where they can exploit their own strengths. When such motivation is present on an individual level (and people can add value to the company from their strengths), we may begin developing people’s skills and taking them on a journey that goes from ’good’ to ’great’ for both the individual, as well as the team. If something is out of shape and non-functioning, perhaps adding in communication issues as well, it is worth exploring cause-and-effect through leadership coaching, mentoring and team coaching tools. Take a look around and see if you would like to explore a topic further – and then let’s talk.

Business coaching for entrepreneurs

I help entrepreneurs create something new. Something you desire. Most people thinking about their new idea has many blank spots. Some of the things are ready in their minds, others are less so. I can help resolve these bottlenecks through coaching, so you have the courage and self-confidence to go on. I can effectively help by stepping in at any of the below milestones:

  • brainstorm on a fluid idea and formulate it into a realistic business model
  • identify target audiences (’What problem am I solving and for whom?’)
  • Value Proposition Design for your target audience
  • WordPress website design and repositioning
  • Online marketing consulting
I can help my clients in 3 main areas:

1) as a Learning and Development professional, I develop, deliver and follow-up leadership training courses, ‘soft-skills’ training courses and also work as a coach with individuals on a 1:1 basis; and work with teams as a Team Coach.

2) I help leaders and entrepreneurs transform their business models, understand their target audience’s needs better and exploit the efficiencies of online marketing – to gain market share and new customers. While the above two areas may appear to require two very different ‘hats’, I have successfully mastered this challenge over the past 18 years, and thrive on delivering a multifaceted offer to my clients by continuously developing myself in relevant areas and providing high quality services.

ICF Prism Award Hungary3) I coach individuals and teams as an ICF accredited coach. My clients are entrepreneurs, leaders and accomplished individuals, who would like to go from good to great. They are often looking to find their own life purpose; and we touch upon many skills which are necessary to reach their bigger goals: communication with others, getting help from others, how to deal with your responsibilities as a leader, how to build self-confidence, collaborating with others, how to manage the multiple roles in life, building up a great team, how to handle and change being a perfectionist, or maintaining work-life balance. I also help individuals to find their calling and vocation with the tools of strengths coaching. I will help unearth your true potential by way of identifying your real talents and where those could be best used.

Are you ready to create your next best version? +44 (0)20 3286 9908 —– +36 30 251 1576 —– Skype: frank.benedek

Who can I help?
  • Leaders, employees and teams to develop themselves and maintain a healthy self-confidence, motivating themselves by understanding their strengths and how they can help each other.
  • Coaches, trainers and consultants: I help you find your own target audiences through a special toolkit that includes business development, value proposition design, business model thinking and online marketing.  All this is tailored to your individual needs, NO ‘one-size fits all’ approach!  You can choose between a live workshop or our online version that you can do alone and consult with us afterwards.
  • Employees and freelancer entrepreneurs: I help you reach your own goals via business coaching and consulting. Topics include choosing the right career or job role, communication (workplace conflicts, assertive communication), going from employee to freelancer and all related issues.  Discover your true abilities, skills and strengths to break out of routine work, and do something truly satisfying in YOUR life.  Check out my Strengths based career coaching section to find out more!
  • Entrepreneurs and people in transition: if you have ambitions to grow, I offer business model, strategy, marketing and communication training courses and workshops, or 1:1 consulting.  I can help you gain market share in your own market and utilise all the tools of online marketing.  New products, services, processes, customer segments, value propositions, channels, partner options, revenue models and cost structure options will be discussed in thought-provoking and insightful individual sessions or group workshops.  Check out the Business Innovation and Business Growth pages to find out more!
What topics can I help with?
  • How can I express my own needs more effectively, while also hearing the other person’s needs?
  • How can I organise my daily life more effectively and set myself motivating goals?
  • How can I work better as a leader (my relationship with myself, with my team and differentiating between being a leader and a subject matter expert; how to clarify roles and think positively (mindset)
  • How can I help my internal and external stakeholders? What is their real need?
  • How can I paraphrase my own activities to address my own target audience?
  • How can I effectively reach my own audience / target group?
  • How can I develop a website that shows my business properly and addresses a specific problem of my target audience?
  • How should I use Facebook and LinkedIn to my advantage?
  • What sort of packages should I develop in order to make my clients think of my services as an investment that represents value for them?
  • How can I map out my own strengths and build on them, letting go of other things that represent less value for me?
  • What could I delegate and efficiently outsource to others to regain my momentum?
  • How can I maintain a healthy work-life balance?
  • How can I oversee information-overload and focus on things that are really a priority?

My time working with Benedek has been invaluable. I was in a transition time with both life and business in 2020, and had way more questions than answers. While I felt like I was good at being aware enough to the problem that needed to be resolved, it was Benedek’s coaching that really supported me to come up with so many incredible a-ha’s, new awareness, and solutions that felt aligned and exciting. Each session I’d come in with my “thing I’m trying to figure out”, and his skill of deeply listening and exploring what is most relevant and important to me is what always served me to create a powerful outcome of our session, and big shifts in awareness and life in general. I now know the business and career I want, how I want it to balance with my family life, and how it plays into the big picture of how I want to show up and serve others. Benedek is great at helping you dig deep and uncover the real meaning and intention behind what you want, and I always leave our sessions feeling heard, understood and accomplished. –Paula Haubrich, Certified Professional Coach, Lead Your Way Coaching Inc.

Benedek listened and left me with actionable steps to accomplish my goal. Being my first session, he did a great job setting expectations for what to get out of a session and his role’s responsibility in the process. I highly recommend trying at least one session.

You always add very useful examples to your topics, which you describe elaborately.  I learn a lot from you and thankful that there is a person like you in my circles. – Dora

Benedek was great and super professional! Always great to hear about their extensive background in multiple industries, which is helpful.

Nice to hear someone else’s perspective on my situation and feeling. It really clarified it for me and helps me understand where it comes from. Also good how action points are asked from you before suggesting it for you.

I was stuck in a static position for a long time and knew I should already have something on the ‘table’, but didn’t dare to decide on things which were only starting to be articulated inside me.  I didn’t know how to proceed and progress, and whether I was heading in the right direction at all. During the Business Model You training Benedek held, I learned a lot about myself in a new way, and could understand the way to the ‘dream job’ finally.  Also, when we put down the basics to paper, my coach (Benedek) showed me several practical things to do to progress – such as my new LinkedIn profile, how to do my CV in an attractive way, etc., which all brought me closer to my goal.  I met a very direct, empathetic, yet highly rational person.  I thoroughly enjoyed working with Benedek. – Dori

A great first session. I was very satisfied with Benedek as a coach and found myself with a better attitude and mentality than prior to the session. Looking forward to working with Benedek again

Benedek was so helpful. He knew good questions to ask as I was exploring some of my weaknesses and how to maximize my strengths. He gave me practical tools and tips that can help me achieve the goals I have for myself.

I love how I have tangible next steps. And talking through this helped me understand my situation better.

This was my first coaching session ever and was good in the sense it promoted a lot of self-reflection and the coach gave personal anecdotes or advice really only where needed. I will most likely be booking another session in the future.